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What is The Beauty Society Really About ???

What is The Beauty Society?


Headquartered out of Las Vegas, NV. the “Beauty Society” is a new network marketing company on the seen having explosive growth with their product line of skin care products and make up. The company is directed towards female costumers and operates with a sales force of independent representatives called Divas.

The idea of helping women obtain their full potential in beauty, financial dreams and helping others was an obsession that Founder and President of “Beauty Society” Inc., Jeanine Lorin explains. Wanting to aid value and sense of independent power along with beauty is a staple mate of the company. The Beauty Society uses home parties and one on one meeting to market their products and business opportunity.

Why Join The Beauty Society?


The skincare business is rapidly sweeping the nation as well as in the industry of Network Marketing. “Beauty Society Divas are becoming a force in the industry. As a Diva you have your own skincare business; a business that you can keep as a passionate hobby or one that you can grow into a successful beauty empire. Stats are showing that even in the worst economic times, make up and skin care go untouched as shown with Avon and Mary K to name a few. The Beauty Society‘s Divas earn 25% to 50% commissions on all products sold and receive bonuses for expanding your team, but only get a minimum of 25% off of the products they buy.

New Divas can choose from two starter kits priced at $129.00 or $229.00. Both kits include everything needed to start a Beauty Society business, including product samples, a handbook and DVD, and business supplies. There is also a $99.00 upgrade kit containing additional products that can be added to either starter kit.


Beauty Society Products

The product line includes a facial primer called Photo finish, an eyelash enhancing serum and conditioner called Enormous Lash and a instant crease and wrinkle relief cream called Poker Face. The “Beauty Society” has a wide variety of products; skin care, makeup and aromas called Success Fragrance.

The products are vegan friendly with no animal by products as well as no animal testing. There are no fragrances used, the only scent is from the natural ingredients of the products. The Beauty Society prides itself on having sulfate and paraben free products as well. There are value packages that range from $180 to $200.

The company has it’s hands full jumping into an already extremely lucrative industry in Skin care. The compensation plan pays out 25% to 50% on sold products and quite interesting bonuses. The system is operated through gatherings (Home Parties) and one on one approaches.

The products are very good and the sisterhood mentoring is giving newbies to the industry a valuable tool when marketing their business.

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