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The Peoples Program Facts

"The Peoples Program" is a private invitation only group of adults who wish to come together for charitable purposes. Individuals choose to freely give to others who join the peoples program for the same purpose. "The Peoples Program" is not an investment group, a business, corporation, MLM, or network marketing company.


Your Peoples Program Enrollments

"The Peoples Program" is a cash gifting program that allows you to gift like minded people and also receive the same. Depending upon your initial "The Peoples Program" entry level, and for each and every new member you enroll into the program, you'll receive cash gifts from the $150 Level to the $10,000 Level IMMEDIATELY. Zero qualifier needed!

How The Peoples Program System Works

First, you join the program by excepting a personal invite. You then contact your inviter and join. Once you have joined you are presented with options of paying your $50.00 administration fee for your web page and online tracking software. Administration fee is non-refundable. You are then notified by email with your ID# and directions on how and where to send your gift.

The Peoples Program Residual 1-Up Cash Gifts

Each member you personally enroll into "The Peoples Program" will have all their personal enrollments send you residual cash gifts depending on the  level.

There are no boards, no matrixes or binary systems. The residual cash flow system out performs any other cash gifting program out there. Another very aspect of "The Peoples Program" is their systems and tools which are in place for you to be successful. Here are just a few tools that are availible.

  • Private, password protected website.
  • Recorded calls 24/7
  • Tons of lead systems that bring people to you
  • FREE websites, Banners and Capture pages

This residual cash-flow system is creating so much excitement! By practicing the true spirit of People Helping People you WILL create positive changes in your financial future.

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