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Philadelphia FREE 90 For Life Health Seminar (August 2nd, 2012) Featuring Dr. Joel Wallach

There are Countless people across the country, suffering and dying from all manner of diseases like: high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and so on. Dr. Joel Wallach has an unbelievably powerful message that has been helping people reverse and eliminate these diseases and health concerns naturally.

Dr Joel Wallach, author of Dead Doctor’s Don’t Lie says, “It’s all about results. Give your body what it needs and it will do amazing things.”  Dr. Wallach has been sharing his message all around the world. The foundation of his message is based on the fact that over 80% of all diseases and health concerns are simple mineral deficiencies and, therefore, can be minimized, eliminated or reversed nutritionally. The results have been staggering as thousands of people have been able to apply his principles and live disease and pain free.


I highly encourage you to join us and hear Dr. Wallach for yourself -- Thurs. August 2nd at the Philadelphia Sheraton Suites (Airport), 4101 Island Ave., Phila., PA Registration is 6:30pm & our event begins at 7pm!! * PARKING IS FREE *


This event is FREE to the public. To get your complimentary ticket or for more information, please contact:  Indira Wilburn @ (267) 297-1557 or visit to find your Mineral Deficiency so you & your family can Get Healthy too!

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