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It was July of 2011 and i was having a grogy day as i started the grill for the barbeque and the last thing on my mind was some dam "healthy coffee".It wasn't to hot outside, but i didn't feel any better.

The grogyness turned into severe pain and i no longer could stand up, with sharp pains hitting the right side of my stomach. I drank some warm water, but the pains continued as they shifted from the left to the right side. My wife took me to the emergency room as the pain got even worse. The Physician gave me an iv with pain medicine and some pepcit telling me i had a severe case of gas. I was told that my body was very acidic and my gastric acids had shut down because of my 3 cups a day habit of drinking coffee. The coffee diluted my gastric acids and would prevent my food from being completely dissolved causing all kinds of issues. All this pain from coffee? Who would of thought.

Healthy Coffee to Save the Day

Well 3 months later while i still tried to kick the coffee habit, a friend asked me to try out this"healthy coffee" he was selling. I had to remind him of the pain i went though over the summer and didn't need a return to the emergency room. Well after he begged me to try it, i sipped a little of it but not enough to cause those severe pains. The taste was great, smooth but not to thick and not gritty considering it was instant. I was still to hesitant to try more than a half of a cup. He gave me some samples to take home just incase i changed my mind. I tried a little bit more a week later and finally drank a whole cup with no pains. I moved on to 2 cups them 3 and noticed more than just no stomach pains, no jitters, no sleepiness by noon and no acid reflux.

A year later i am back to my 2-3 cups of healthy coffee a day and a very successful organo gold distributor. Adding green, red and black ice tea to the "healthy coffee" also helped those who aren't coffee drinkers.

Market your Healthy Coffee

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