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2010 Blessings Program

With an upsurge in the number of money making opportunities on the internet today, many people are keen to find a program where they are sure they will not be scammed. One of the programs that has taken most of the internet users by storm is the 2010 Blessings Cash Gifting program. This program boasts of a great support team as well as strong infrastructure that ensure that all members benefit in equal measure. Although the 2010 Blessings cash gifting program is considered to be an exclusive group that can only be joined by invitation, the membership growth is steady as this promotes the chain. So just what is the 2010 Blessings cash gifting program all about?


For starters, this program brings together individuals who are willing to help others through offering gifts from the heart. Even then, this is done in a structured way to ensure that members are compensated accordingly. Most importantly, the participants must be good natures so that their main goal is to help those who are stressed economically. In fact, the main goal of this program was to serve as a charity that would cater for the needs of those people who are facing serious financial difficulty. Thus, the success of this program must be backed by the success of all the members of the group. This means that every member must succeed despite their culture, race and background.

How 2010 Blessings Work

The 2010 Blessings cash gifting program is designed in such a way that for every gift that you give someone, you will receive sixt similar gifts that means that you get a higher value. The minimum amount that can be given as a gift is $25 for which you will receive six gifts of the same value totaling to $150. The program suggest that part of this money be saved for the next phase while the rest is yours hence in this case, you will keep $100 while the $50 is given as a gift on the next level, if you choose. This will in turn generate six gifts of the same amount so that you will have a total of $300 from which you can save $100 and keep $200.

You may then give the $100 that you saved as a gift for the next level which you will receive $600 where you are suggested to save $250 for the next level and keep the $350.

The amount increases from one level to the other thus when you give a gift of $250, you will receive gifts worth $1500 from which you will save $500 for the next level and keep $1000. Next, you can give the $500 gift from which you will attract gifts valued at $3000 from which you will save $1000 and keep $2000. The $1000 gift will on the other hand attract $6000 from which you will save $2000 and keep $4000. This will usher you to the next level where you will give a $2000 give to receive gifts of $12000 so that you save $5000 and keep $7000. With the $5000 gift that you will give, you will receive $30000 worth of gifts that you started with only $25. At the end of this cycle, you will have received $71,400, gifted $8,925 and earned a total of $62,475. In general, while the 2010 Blessings cash gifting program is a great program, you will need to invite many people in order to keep the chain flowing.

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