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Let's STOP Obesity in our Communities & Get Healthy NOW !!

Did you know that U.S. Obesity Levels Could Reach 42 % by 2030! We are in the middle of an epidemic!

Did you know most Americans are at least 23lbs overweight? Children and adolescents are becoming grossly overweight/obese too. Being Overweight = Living life UNHEALTHY!

If health care costs are directly connected to your health...IMAGINE how much $$ you could save TOO?! If you live in or around Decatur, GA, I invite you to our FREE Health Seminar Thursday, May 10th at 7pm sharp! 

Join us at the Best Boom Strategies Training Center,  
5096 Panola Industrial Boulevard in Decatur, GA 30035 

Call me to RSVP. I can show you how to lose unwanted pounds plus we can discuss how I can help you become disease free TODAY! Indira (267) 297-1557.

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