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FREZZOR is one of the companies that offer an incredible MLM opportunity through the sale of various products that include performance products, all natural meal replacement products as well as nutritional supplements that are developed by medical experts based on natural solutions and nutritional science. As such, FREZZOR’s product range includes weight management products, meal replacement products as well as superfood that are aimed at enhancing performance.

Although the value of FREZZOR in health management is undisputable, it is important to understand that FREZZOR offers an opportunity of life management and personal development. This is because this it presents an opportunity to make money thus ushering you to financial freedom as you are able to have a constant flow of income. Not only does the FREZZOR opportunity impact health but also attitude, self esteem, longevity and the quality of life. The opportunity to make money with FREZZOR allows you to choose the amount of work that you can do which eventually determines your earnings. Therefore, you can opt to go for supplemental income or consider making this your primary income. The bottom-line is that the company offers a perfect opportunity to make more income that will also help you realize your dreams. The company has the goal of helping people in achieving as well as sustaining vitality, health, energy, property and wellbeing so that they can achieve excellence.

There are a number of ways through which you can enroll to be a FREZZOR distributor. To begin with, you will need to apply and pay $60 after which you will be entitled to a website that his personalized, a TeamFREZZOR personalized email address, a virtual office as well as a training system that is video based. In terms of compensation, the company understands the impact of network marketing thus it is based on an efficient distribution plan that is quite compelling. FREZZOR offers a Uni-level tree compensation where every new distributor is enrolled personally thereby creating a new leg within the enroller’s Uni-Level Tree. Distributors who are active are entitled to team commissions that go up to ten levels. Active distributors are those who have sold or purchased items that are equal to two active points in the course of the month. This means that the amount of money that distributors receive will increase as the distributor goes up the ladder. This compensation plan comes with multiple opportunities to make income that also includes recognition as well as rewards for those distributors who have done an exemplary job. Some of the opportunities through which you can earn money through FREZZOR include person to person customer sales, retail customer sales, preferred customer sales, fast start bonuses, bulky buy bonuses, team commissions, global pool bonuses, leadership pool bonuses and royalty pool bonuses.

FREZZOR also offers training that will empower people to embrace the opportunity as well as their products so that they are able to make an income even as they experience the benefits of the products. In summary, FREZZOR offers people of all walks of life to make their lives better even as they make money.

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