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Bean Soup Time seeks 'urban reporters' and professional experts in the Chicago and Atlanta areas seeks citizen reporter/contributors in the Chicago area to provide photos/articles and other digital content that showcases positive or informative news for the Black community.

If you want to network, build your resume or display your expertise to promote your business or profession, then this is the opportunity for you. 

We’re looking for urban, citizen reporters to submit stories about Black artists, Black business owners and professionals that are doing interesting things in particularly in Chicago and Atlanta, but we are open to world wide, urban reporting. 

Urban reporting, as defined by Bean Soup Times, is us and you--the urban journalist working together to collect, report, analyze and disseminate news and information. 

Social networking and media-sharing websites, in addition to the increasing prevalence of cellular phones, have made citizen journalism more accessible to people worldwide.

With all this modern technology, citizens can often report breaking news more quickly than traditional media reporters. So we're not looking for Arab spring or Occupy Wall Street, but you:

  • can tell us about your favorite restaurant
  • take photos or video at the concert
  • give an update from the community event or political meeting

Or you can simply showcase beautiful people in your community doing simple, but wonderful things such as:

  • starting a new business
  • mentoring some youth
  • performing at an open mic.

We need to hear about good and great things happening in our community. We need your help. Send us news about community events, mentoring programs, fundraisers, etc. 

Here’s your chance to showcase your own talents, community programs or events or tell us about a friend.

No experienced required. Computer and internet access required.

There is no pay currently for entry level opportunities, but contributors will quality to receive tickets to local events in Chicago as available as well as free food at selected restaurants. You’ll also receive a contributor byline.

Email toure @ with the words (Urban Reporting) in the subject if you are interested. 

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