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Forbes Top Money Makers in Hip Hop



...and more music news this week



Hip Hop lovers all over the world have been posting, tweeting ,texting and even talking about the highly anticipated callaboration between Jay Z and Kanye West...Watch The Throne is out now.

Not certain about the anticipation level of this one but the Ferrari Boys a.k.a Gucci Mane and Waka Flacka also dropped a duet album this week.

Mixtape Alert  LA rapper Game is wishing us a Hoodmorning and pop…


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Henry Louis Gates Jr. Gets New Street Cred Moniker

CAMBRIDGE—Finally able to relate to upper class Black Americans, thousands of impoverished Black teens are suddenly interested in Black history and genealogy after the recent false arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., whose moniker has changed from "Skip" to "Skip Dawg." Click here for rest of article

And be sure to check out the new and improved website at BeanSoupTimes

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Breaking News: The Bean Soup Times Interview with Roland Burris

Bean Soup Times: I am gonna show you this picture Senator Burris.

Roland Burris: Oh, that’s a bad shot.

Yes, it may be a bad shot, but this Senator Burris. (I point to the umbrella). That’s real sir. See that umbrella? This looks bad.

But do you know? Do you really know what’s happening there?


Right, nobody really knows.

That’s the problem sir. Nobody really knows. But you do… Continue

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Obama Stimulus Package to Include Reparations for Black American Ancestors

Senator Roland Burris introduces amendment to economic recession and reparations movement make strange bedfellows

WASHINGTON, DC—Reparations may be the key to the success of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Bill say long time advocates of the Reparations Movement because “African Americans will put money back into the economy faster than Rush Limbaugh can get 20 doctors to give him 20 prescriptions,” said Kweisi Babatunde, a reparations… Continue

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Check out my interview with Eric Benet:

Peace family,

Check out my interview with Eric Benet:

It has been a while since we've heard any music from Eric Benet. The brother certainly has had his share of ups and downs in life, but, based on my conversation with him, he seems to be on top of the world these days. The R&B neosoul singer asserts that he is happy, peaceful, and ready to have fun. Eric talked to Toure Muhammad for an exclusive one-on-one interview discussing not only his new CD, but… Continue

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It’s OK for black anchors to smirk just a little every time they say president-elect Barack Obama

Slight biasness ok given situation

CHICAGO—Black American news anchors nationwide cannot help but smirk every time they say, "President-elect Barack Obama."

"I know it is inappropriate, but i simply cannot help but smile, smirk, grin, or just show all my teeth every time is say it, said CNN news anchor Don Lemon. "President-elect Barack Obama.'

"I wish Tupac was alive to see this day. He once said, 'Though it seems heaven sent, American ain't… Continue

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Rudy Ray Moore dies at 81; comedian and filmmaker influenced rap and hip-hop

Rudy Ray Moore dies at 81; comedian and filmmaker influenced rap and hip-hop By Jocelyn Y. Stewart

October 21, 2008

Rudy Ray Moore, the self-proclaimed "Godfather of Rap" who influenced generations of rappers and comedians with his rhyming style, braggadocio and profanity-laced routines, has died. He was 81.


FOR THE RECORD: The… Continue

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Joe Six-Pack ‘Swears to God’ Palin was flirting with him

Not so average Joe says candidate winked at him

LOUISVILLE, KY—Joe “Six-Pack” Forte firmly believes that Governor Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential candidate on the Republican ticket has a serious crush on him. Forte maintains this belief despite several family members who have advised him otherwise.

“First of all, my wife is jealous. If a woman called you out by name and they winked at you three or four times, what would… Continue

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New York Times Editorial--Food for thought concerning the US gov't bail out of Wall street

October 2, 2008


Show Us the Hope

Falling house prices are driving the collapse of the financial system. But the bailout bill, even the “sweetened” version that was approved by the Senate Wednesday night, does little to avert the defaults and foreclosures that are pushing house values ever downward.

At last count, six million people were expected to default on their mortgages this year and next, putting them at risk of… Continue

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Republican VP thinks her impression of self would top Tina Fey’s

With more one liner zingers than Robin Williams on speed, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pretty sure her performance will land her a chance as a regular on Saturday Night Live.

“I believe that Sarah could easily play me playing her,” said Tina Fey during an exclusive interview. “I cannot wait to see her debate Senator Joe Biden. She will… Continue

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Statement by The Honorable Bobby L. Rush On his “No” Vote on the $700 Billion Wall Street Bail Out Bill


September 29, 2008


Toure Muhammad, (773) 224-6500 ofc

Statement by The Honorable Bobby L. Rush

On his “No” Vote on the $700 Billion Wall Street Bail Out Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. –– “I am reporting to my constituents that I voted “no” on H.R. 3997, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which I believe is simply a $700 billion financial… Continue

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Light-skinned brothers start voter registration drive for Obama

New group organizes for change

Extremely pleased that the presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama is “bringing light-skin brothers back,” a new organization of black men of very light complexion have launched a voter registration drive aimed at “getting every light-skin brother to the polls on Nov. 5” said the organization’s founder, Dan “White Boy” Williamson.

Williamson organized Light-skin and Interested in True Equity… Continue

Added by Bean Soup Times on September 22, 2008 at 6:50am — 4 Comments

Mediocre While Black: Duty Shirking Black Man Blames Job Loss on Racism

Despite admittedly being late nearly everyday for six months, staying on breaks too long, and doing, basically, "a half ass job," David "Junebug" Carpenter maintains that he was fired from his job of one year due to institutionalized racism.

Apparently, the company had several rules dubbed, "racist and strict," by Mr. Carpenter. Among the rules, workers had to be on time daily and do their job for eight hours, excluding breaks.

“If I… Continue

Added by Bean Soup Times on September 18, 2008 at 8:02am — 2 Comments

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