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My Interests

My Interests

I am a fifty-eight year old lady. I am a mother of five and I have eight grandchildren. Through my lifetime I have tried my hand at book publishing and screenplay writing, but I find myself enjoying my new hobby now that the kids are grown of making videos to show work that I have done and extend my obsession with photography in video form.

I first started with a youtube channel under Dorisanne13. On top of doing short commercial videos about my screenplays I have…


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Interesting view of logos from a five year old's perspective

What does your logo say about you? What do you want people to "get" when they see it? I love the Bean Soup Times logo we currently have but am working on a new design.



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5 Social Media Lessons from Steve Jobs

The opinions about Steve Jobs run the gamut. "He united people!" "No, he tore people apart!" Well, one thing that cannot be denied is that he helped to change the world.

Regardless to your opinion, the fact of the matter is that all businesses can benefit from his business intelligence, initiative and vision. Here's what one blogger…


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Financial Self-Defense for the Church - Monday, Sept. 27th @ 12pm EST

Should the church should take the lead in financial prosperity? We understand

the major issue in communities and churches are finances.

If members had more, they could give & do more. If we could increase finances, then everything else will get better. Find out what's working for other Pastors, business owners, familie…


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Digital Specialists

We help you grow and keep your customer relationships, engaging customers with your brand massively increases sales and grow sales

What we do;

* Strategic consulting

* Web solutions…


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All Faiths Financial Empowerment Call Monday 12p EST

Hello Bean Soup Family!

We're having our All Faiths Financial Empowerment Call today, Monday August 23rd at 12p EST. Call 212.990.8000 pin 5555#.

We're showing Pastor's, Minister's, Gospel Artists & Faith Based Community Leaders across the US how TOGETHER, we can save lives, empower people and communities as well as empower our churches financially.



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Publicity Secret: Think Like a Reporter

Thursday, July 22, 2010…


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BREAKING NEWS: Increase your income, build financial stability, save lives and increase awareness. Again, INCREASE YOUR INCOME, BUILD FINANCIAL STABILITY, SAVE LIVES & INCREASE AWARENESS!!

Start today.....unlimited income paid weekly!

Get ahead of the trend, save lives and make additional… Continue

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Voice activated/hands free text and email messages.

Receive and send emails and text messages without touching your phone.

Never risk your life driving and texting again!

No matter what you do or how you do it, this solution is right for


Visit to get ALL the details on our… Continue

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Looking for Women Entrepreneurs!

Ladies you are the best money makers in the social networking industry. I'm looking for 6 serious women with an entrepreneurial spirit, must be coachable, as well as able & willing to handle

multiple outlets across the country.

Ladies there is a lot of money to be made in this economy! The only way to get it is to put act…


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Veteran Journalist Writes 20-page Book Full of Knowledge and Resources for Entrepreneurs

Earlier this summer I attended the George Fraser PowerNetworking Conference in Atlanta, GA. I spent time talking with several successful businessmen and women who know how to succeed in these hard economic times.

I learned some valuable lessons that I have already implemented to help my business grow. I was so excited about what I learned and I wanted to share this information with those who could not attend.

Well, since I am a… Continue

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U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush presents a “Federal Stimulus Workshop For Businesses”

U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush presents a “Federal Stimulus Workshop For Businesses”

CHICAGO—More than 200 entrepreneurs and business organizations including chambers and nonprofits are expected to attend the “Federal Stimulus Workshop for Businesses.” At this workshop, entrepreneurs and organizations with 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) status will receive information about stimulus funding priorities, contract opportunities, guidelines, and eligibility requirements. Attendees will… Continue

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Vintage Postal Stamp ( Poem )

Vintage Postal Stamp ( Poem )

Turn of the century Vintage Stamps

Traceable history make value enhance

Prices get higher as the years go by

Dream of finding one valued so high

Extremely fine with the perfect gum…


Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on September 23, 2014 at 3:10pm

Harnees Racing ( Poem )

Harness Racing ( Poem )

Horses pull a two wheeled cart

If it breaks you will depart

Place a bet before it starts

Good wager wins if played smart

Riders ready at the gate

Fans no longer have to…


Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on September 21, 2014 at 5:56am

Kids Love For Animals

Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals

I have hours in a playlist that are laughable

Like a camera pecking rooster and fun monkeys

To a mom and a baby miniature donkeys

Videos of wild…


Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on August 26, 2014 at 3:15pm

Creating A Christmas Tree ( Poem )

Creating A Christmas Tree ( Poem )

Create designer Christmas tree

From squash, to bread, and fun cookies

Instructions made so easily

One from red hat society

Home from the heart season theme

Star wars made a…


Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on August 25, 2014 at 6:59am

Tractor Pulls

Tractor Pulls ( Poem )

America’s passion tractor haul

Ford and Farmall want to take it all

Showcasing your tractor is never dull

Case give a strong performance call

See a smokey John Deere tractor



Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on August 23, 2014 at 6:54am

Woodsmen Day

Woodsmen Day ( Poem)

Sport using handsaws

With a toothed edge blade

One or two handed sawing

On a woodsmen fair day

Traditional log rolling

Is a lumberjacks technique

Style used in river driving



Posted by Doris Anne Beaulieu on August 21, 2014 at 7:35am

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