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On Twitter, EVERY FRIDAY you can use #FF which stand for #followfriday to suggest people to follow. Well, we want to suggest people for you to follow on Fridays to our Twitter followers from our page, @beansouptimes.

Take advantage by posting info about your business here and we'll promote you for free to 2500 Twitter followers. 

Your post must be less than 140 characters. Include all you can! A pic, website, twitter ID, and short promo to pique people’s interest. Leave room for us to include #FF


Here’s how it will look

Each week, we’ll be pulling the first 20 that post their info to this forum.

Policy: All promos should be geared to Black men, women, and families only. No landing pages to porn sites. Ads cannot offend based on race, gender, sexual preference, or disability. No alcohol or tobacco ads. No spam ads.

To get prominently featured in the Bean Soup Network, become a member for as little as $50 a month. Join on a month-to-month membership. No contact, no hassles, no worries...just lots of exposure for your business. Click here for details.

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